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Client Minded

Your hopes, your dreams, your day. That is what it is all about. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a bride and groom enjoying their wedding day to the fullest knowing we've got it handled. Give us your wedding details, we will pull them together. Let us guide you through the rehearsal and down the aisle on the big day! Allow us to create your floral designs, we want to see those gorgeous wedding photos afterwards! 

Our business is built on the relationships we build with our clients. We aim to please and we are pleased when we see you happy, fully engaged in your day, from that walk back down the aisle after the ceremony, to the grand entrance at the reception through the toasts, cake cutting, and first dance. We'll be there with you. 


Design is so important to us at A Splendid Affair.  Exceptional design will make your guests feel compelled, comfortable, and engaged.  Design refers not only to the visual elements, but to the design of the event as a whole.  Framing the mechanics of the event is so important to its success.  Producing a well thought out timeline, coordinating the vendors, creating the “eye candy” and facilitating the set up through the strike is all a part of what we do at A Splendid Affair.  That is why we want to work for you to help you create your special event.  We will take you from inception to event wrap up.  Both the budget and the "bling" matter at A Splendid Affair.  Make an appointment to come in, get comfortable, and let us collaborate with you.  Call today!

How We Work

Hi there!  If you've made it through the photos, and you've landed here, you probably are ready to take the next step.  Here's the skinny...

We want to know about you, about your wedding vision, your favorite flowers, your wedding style and what we can do to help!  First, give us a call, or email us at studio@splendideventdesign.com if you have a few questions, or you'd like to make an appointment to meet. We are available by appointment 1-6 weekdays. We know that may not work for you, so give us a call. We try to meet clients on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, so let us know if that is your cup of tea.

Now, a little bit about the appointment. We meet our clients up front in the "Old Girl" because let's face it, it's a lot prettier up in the parlor than it is back in the "washhouse" so to speak.  That is where we hang out when we are creating your wedding designs, but we want you to be comfortable, so come on around, trust us, it's worth the walk! And welcome to our vintage, homey, work in process, but very much loved 1889 Foursquare.  If you want to know more about her, hit the "history" tab, and we will give you a peak at the renovation journey of one of Carterville's oldest town treasures!

Back to the point, the first meeting.  WEDDING FLOWERS are our business. We love them, we are crazy about them and LOVE designing them for YOU!  We want to know what YOU love, so bring along any inspiration photos, fabric swatches, inspiration pieces, and wedding dress photos you've collected.  We will carefully go through our floral checklist so that we don't miss anything. Oh and let's not forget those "must haves" and equally as important dislikes as well.

We will also discuss all areas of service with which we may be able to be of assistance. We don't just create event flowers. We provide peace of mind...

We offer DAY OF COORDINATION for our brides as needed. We love to be there on your wedding day to make sure you enjoy and relax while we hustle. Oh, and we wouldn't dare coordinate without being there for the rehearsal, that's a no brainer, right? We'll be there to assist your officiant as he structures your ceremony. We'll take care of the mechanics. 

A little bit about DECOR and RENTALS. Yes, we have them. We offer TABLE LINENS for the guests, head table, cake table, you name it! We also carry pillars, glassware, lanterns,  along with our "tablescaping packages" of vintage silver, or green midcentury glass, clear cut glass, milk glass and mercury glass. We've added an arbor and a hexagonal ceremony piece that we absolutely love! We have a little bit of everything, so just ask.  We also carry an assortment of odd yet interesting vintage pieces that are great conversation pieces for the guestbook table. Want a vintage cash register? We have it.  A vintage sewing machine?  We have a rental list that is ever changing. Ask, we will get one to you.

Need help with the design? We offer WEDDING STYLING for your event as well. Let us pull the whole design together for you!

About the budget. We understand that everyone's wedding is unique, and budgets range. We also realize that this is most likely your first time buying wedding flowers and you may not have any idea of what to expect. Give us a call and we can help you with that. We never want to see anyone spend more than they can afford. To that end, we do like to have an idea of your goals. Most weddings will be over the $1000 mark. Of course, your guest count, and attendant count are big factors, as we all understand. We offer many ideas to either upscale your designs or economize. We work for you to arrive at the bottom line that makes sense for you. We do offer economy packages for those on a limited budget. If you are interested, please email with "Economy" as the subject line. We'll email you the info and all arangements can be made via email or telephone. 

Call us, we look forward to talking about your wedding dreams!